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Headshot by Robert Mannis

​Catherine DeLuce


Actress. Singer. VO Artist. Dancer. Choreographer. 


Originally from Hershey, PA, Catherine has been performing since 4 years old. Now based in NYC, in addition to creating & performing, Catherine loves traveling, spending time with friends & family, cooking, baking and collecting her beloved cups. Cups you say? Yes, cups. Confused? Curious? Intrigued? Check out her TikTok & Instagram below to understand & feel some 90s nostalgia for yourself! 

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What's currently happening?!

Catherine DeLuce_Commercial Demo2Catherine DeLuce Commercial VO Demp
00:00 / 01:04
Catherine has recorded her VO Commercial Demo and has booked her first VO gig with Snapdragon Summit. Keep your ears out for that commercial and give her VO Commercial Demo a listen here!
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